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We’ll find a competitive supplier for you—FAST, using a vast and varied network of capable manufacturers. (sometimes multiple supplier candidates).

Click on any of the below areas of special expertise for additional information.

1.                Machinery/Equipment components (especially large and heavy parts such as bases and weldments)

2.                Gantry (bridge) milling and grinding for the really BIG items

3.                Fabrication of large metal parts

4.                Pressure vessels, reactors, and distribution columns

5.                Molded, 3D FDM, and formed plastics

6.                Micro machining (swiss turning)

7.                Drive train components (gears, sprockets, etc); P/M self lubricating bushings for pneumatic cylinders

8.                Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics

9.                Forgings and Castings-global sourcing!

10.              Architectural Metal Fabrications

11.              Clamshell Packaging

12.             “Standard” metalwork: spinning, machining, extrusion, and sheet metal fabrication

13.              Low volume/prototypes, ill-defined projects, reverse engineered spares and repairs, and on-site machining

14.              Springs and wire forms

15.              Deep hole drilling; gun drilling

Our sources can cover most sizes, shapes, materials, and quantities. Reach out if you have a need or just give us a call 513-489-5252 for FAST service!