3D Printing: Fused Deposition Modeling

There are several methods of 3d printing but fused deposition modeling, or FDM, is the most common. Using a thermoforming technique, FDM can quickly and affordably fabricate prototyped products and their parts. As a non-laser-based process, it’s frequently used by engineers and designers to create and perfect their ideas before mass production. We feature a superior source for this exciting technology. Are you ready to get your prototyped products fabricated? Call 513-489-5252 today! Why Choose FDM… Read More

Gear Cutting, Sprockets, Splines, and Pulleys

We specialize in your drive train parts! Call 513-489-5252 today to learn more about how we can help you! Many customers are equipment and machinery builders and drive train components are integral to these businesses. Gears, for example, may need refurbishing or replacing, and even very old parts duplicated due to wear. We have companies that specialize in this sort of work. They have long experience satisfying customers in need of new parts as well as repairs… Read More

Spares, One-offs, Prototypes, and OEM parts

Recently we visited a large food manufacturer. Their high speed manufacturing equipment was made in Europe, and spares and changeover parts were ordered from the OEM in Europe. Most of the time this has worked well, but they need to maintain a parts inventory because it takes about 2 weeks to get resupplied. We were involved in a separate project to supply parts for a project long out of production and another situation similar to… Read More

Stainless Pressure Vessel Manufacturer

All manufacturers have strength areas and our pressure vessel manufacturer does as well.  Companies needing stainless mixing tanks, for example, should find us attractive for value and service.  And if alloy vessels are needed, that’s another area of strength. Want to learn if our pressure vessel manufacturer is a right fit for you? Reach out to me directly If your needs are any of these we hope you will give our candidate an opportunity to… Read More

Gantry Milling for Very Large Components

If you are an OEM machinery builder, and your equipment is large and heavy, then you may need a manufacturer of heavy plate components, such as uprights, bases, crowns, and platens.  Large items such as these require large manufacturing equipment, and we have a supplier with extremely large and accurate gantry milling (bridge milling) machines.  They also feature similarly large grinding equipment. Reach Out to Me Directly for Questions Just give me a call (513)… Read More

Special Expertise-Equipment and Machinery Components

Many of our network shops have a special interest in services to equipment and machinery builders, as well as providing metal panels for heavy vehicles.  Runway systems for automation integrators is another specialty.     Reach Out to Me Directly for Questions Just give me a call (513) 489-5252! Click here to send an email   These specialties feature specialized equipment, which includes: Bridge (gantry) milling and surface grinding for very large parts, such as… Read More

Tanks, Vessels, Reactors and Distillation Columns

If you have requirements for an outstanding pressure vessel manufacturer, or perhaps a jacketed stainless mixing tank, a ASME jacketed reactor vessel, or even a distillation column manufacturer, we have an excellent source for consideration.  And they have 60 years of tank making experience.     Reach Out to Me Directly for Questions Just give me a call (513) 489-5252! Click here to send an email   If it can fit on a truck or… Read More

Powdered Metal: Motion Control and Pneumatic Cylinders

We feature several diverse companies that make parts for these applications. Recently we’ve added a new (actually quite experienced one) company to supply powdered metal (P/M) parts.       Reach Out to Me Directly for Questions Just give me a call (513) 489-5252! Click here to send an email Core competency is sintered bronze impregnated bearings.  These can be impregnated or infiltrated with oil, wax, resin or metal.  The oil will always reside in… Read More

Clamshell Packaging for Sensitive Goods

If your products require secure packaging for any of several reasons, clamshell packaging could be a good answer.  Proficient Sourcing’s network of manufacturing companies includes at least one that also does packaging.  They specialize in clamshell packaging to protect sensitive products such as food, electronics, and others.  Perhaps your business involves such items—and perhaps clamshell packaging would help you.     Reach Out to Me Directly for Questions Just give me a call (513) 489-5252!… Read More

Shop for Small, Complex Metalworking Project

Perhaps you have some machining or general metalworking project that’s small, poorly defined, and perhaps apparently difficult.  Or you have some on-site machining needed.  Maybe you just want a no-nonsense source for some machining. You are in luck.  We have just the shop for such things.   Reach Out to Me Directly for Questions Just give me a call (513) 489-5252! Click here to send an email This company is the complete solution for design,… Read More