Special Expertise-Equipment and Machinery

Many of our network shops have a special interest in services to equipment and machinery builders, as well as providing metal panels for heavy vehicles.  Runway systems for automation integrators is another specialty. These specialties feature specialized equipment, which includes:   Bridge (gantry) milling and surface grinding for very large parts, such as rails and runways and bases for equipment and power generation. 5-axis waterjet cutting Large press brakes 5-axis boring mills and large VTL… Read More

Tanks, tanks, and more tanks!

If your business involves tanks for storage, pressure applications, mixing or just about anything else, we have an excellent source for consideration. And they have 60 years of tank making experience. If it can fit on a truck or rail, that’s within their capability. The company has built and shipped completed vessels 16 feet in diameter and 85 feet long, and weighing up to 32 tons. Most tanks fall between 500 to 25,000 gallons, and… Read More

Powdered Metal: Motion Control and Pneumatic Cylinders

We feature several diverse companies that make parts for these applications. Recently we’ve added a new (actually quite experienced one) company to supply powdered metal (P/M) parts. Core competency is sintered bronze impregnated bearings.  These can be impregnated or infiltrated with oil, wax, resin or metal.  The oil will always reside in the bearing and does not require replenishment.  When the shaft spins, the heat generated draws a thin film of oil from within the… Read More

Clamshell Packaging for Sensitive Goods

If your products require secure packaging for any of several reasons, clamshell packaging could be a good answer.  Proficient Sourcing’s network of manufacturing companies includes at least one that also does packaging.  They specialize in clamshell packaging to protect sensitive products such as food, electronics, and others.  Perhaps your business involves such items—and perhaps clamshell packaging would help you. Why clamshell packaging? It’s secure.  No contamination during processing, shipping and handling and protection against environmental… Read More

Versatile, Creative Metalworking Shop

Perhaps you have some machining or general metalworking project that’s small, poorly defined, and perhaps apparently difficult.  Or you have some on-site machining needed.  Maybe you just want a no-nonsense source for some machining. You are in luck.  We have just the shop for such things. This company is the complete solution for design, machining, welding, painting, finishing and assembly.  Engineers, machinists, and welders are available 24/7 and can be scheduled at your location. Another… Read More

Customized Fabrications: Stairs, Rails and More!

A recent addition to our network of shops is a fabrication shop with complete services for complex and  certified welding of virtually any material.   Another specialty is customized structural products such as cat walks, metal stairs and handrails.   This shop can handle sheet metal work as well as plate/heavy fabrications, and especially those requiring difficult weldments.  Here are just a few examples of the specialized outstanding service available to you: A set of switchback… Read More

Aluminum Extrusions

If you seek an excellent source for aluminum extrusions, look no further. Our high quality extruder features the below characteristics and exceptions are often do-able. -Customers often ask for hollows, thin walls, tight tolerances, complex intricate shapes, all with fast turnaround—and are satisfied! -in-house machining adds to the fast turnaround potential. -Assembly, deburring, graining, buffing, mitered cutting and precision sawing are available as well. -Most common secondary operations, such as anodizing, heat treatments, and powder… Read More

3D FDM (plastic)—Fully Functional Parts

Fused Deposit Molding technology permits a workable part to be produced in days from the OEM’s print.  The cost is quite small and because the FDM part is fully functional, design issues can be tested and addressed before rollout.   Then, if some defect is found, subsequent prototypes are available very quickly. If you are contemplating a plastic item that will fit within a build envelope 16” x 14” x 16” high, consider having a fully… Read More

New Capability: Gear cutting, sprockets, splines, and pulleys

Proficient Sourcing is pleased to report that one of our companies has capabilities we have not previously reported. This company does several useful things, among them are: -Small volume machined parts -Reverse engineered repair and out of production machined parts -Gear box/reducer repair/rebuilding -Gear cutting: AGMA 8 Std (hobbed)        Spur & helical gears, bevel and worm gears -Involute and straight sided splines; internal and external -Timing belt pulleys -Silent and roller chain sprockets -Timing… Read More

Wire forms

When you need a wire clip, hanger, striker or linkage, a display rack, inlet screen, or other item made of wire, please keep us in mind. Wire is formed into desired shapes via vertical forming machines, CNC wire formers, and also fourslide machines. We have several companies that specialize in this form of manufacturing and would welcome your inquiries. Click here for more information. One company specializes in the retail-type of wire product, and that… Read More