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Rare Earths – Continued

If your supply chain includes items involving rare earths, a recent executive order signed by president Trump would be worthy of your attention. According to a Washington Post article from December 20, 2017, “President Trump signed an executive order….instructing his deputies to devise a strategy to reduce the nation’s reliance on critical minerals that are largely imported and used to produce everything from smartphones to weaponry”.  If this means the government is going to take… Read More

Low Cost Innovation—the hidden benefit!

Your suppliers may be a low-cost path to ongoing and effective innovation. Here’s a quote from a thought provoking article from the Procurement Leaders 8/26/14 blog: “Properly managed and incentivized by procurement, suppliers can be a great source of innovation. In fact, in some companies, supplier-initiated innovation happens regularly through such things as suggested design alternatives, alternative manufacturing approaches, even ideas on streamlining internal processes.” If you are fortunate enough to have such a supplier relationship,… Read More

New Suppliers – Free Engineering and More!

Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 9/16 edition has a special report:  “Set Your Sights on Strategic Sourcing”.  This report contains a number of useful thoughts that could have very positive benefits to the purchasing organization.  A link to this report is at the end of this article.  While this report deals mainly with large entities, seeking strategic suppliers is worthy of the consideration of all. Proficient Sourcing finds new supplier candidates for procurement professionals.  In… Read More

Trade Agreements – Election Year Fodder

Trade agreements have become a frequently heard subject this election season. Recently, Gov. Kasich (R-OH) appeared in Obama’s White House to support the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which contradicts the position of his party’s presidential candidate. That’s an unusual move in politics, so just what’s going on here? According to a helpful BBC article from July, 2016, the TPP involves 12 countries: the US, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Chile and… Read More

Price vs. Long Term Supplier Relationships

Do buyers initiate new supplier relationships with the long term in mind or is a request for quote simply a low price search? There are lots of opinions on this, and situational circumstances vary widely. Proficient Sourcing deals with situations involving custom manufacturing of parts, assemblies, and occasionally building complete products and equipment for others. As is the case with many markets, we believe there are indisputable benefits to long term supplier-buyer relationships. Getting there,… Read More

Truth or… Consequences?

It would seem truth is a very devalued currency these days. We have been struck by the media’s lengthy attention to the apparently stupid antics of Ryan Lochte and his 3 teammates in Rio. For those of you not paying attention to the Olympics and associated events, Lochte, a highly decorated world-class swimmer and 3 teammates were involved what appears to be a late night, perhaps drunken, event involving public urination, damaging a gas station… Read More

Trump or Clinton and Your Supply Chain!

It’s been an entertaining political season regardless of the candidate of your choice. The winning presidential candidate, as well as down-ballot choices, will have a considerable effect on all of us. In particular, supply chain effects might vary widely, depending on the outcome of this election. The May, 2016, edition of Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) had an article too juicy to pass up. The article is “What Risk will the Next President’s Policy… Read More

Major Supply Chain Problems

Ever on the lookout for relevant supply chain issues, we recently found an article by the Supply Chain Edge (a consulting group): “The Five Main Supply Chain Challenges Companies Face Today”. Because Proficient Sourcing is positioned to deal with many such issues—and deliver solutions, we wish to ensure we keep up with current supply chain thinking in order to respond accordingly. The 5 problems discussion included this: “… small and midsize companies need to create… Read More

Are Rare Earth Elements a purchaser’s nightmare?

If not today, then perhaps tomorrow? Lurking near the surface, but under the public awareness these days is an issue that might have great economic consequences in the years ahead. And that issue is the supply of rare earth elements (REE), which are critical components to a great number of things. We became aware of REE supply issues because of an ongoing interest in solar energy (energy in general, for that matter). While Proficient Sourcing… Read More