Special Expertise-Equipment and Machinery

Metal Rolling

Many of our network shops have a special interest in services to equipment and machinery builders, as well as providing metal panels for heavy vehicles.  Runway systems for automation integrators is another specialty.

These specialties feature specialized equipment, which includes:


  • Bridge (gantry) milling and surface grinding for very large parts, such as rails and runways and bases for equipment and power generation.
  • 5-axis waterjet cutting
  • Large press brakes
  • 5-axis boring mills and large VTL with live tooling
  • State of the art plate rolling
  • Advanced punch pressing for perforated metal panels
  • Skilled welders
  • Numerous certifications

What all this means for you is several advanced shops with expertise and skill in making relatively heavy metal parts.  More examples would be equipment and pump bases, agitators, machinery crowns, uprights, platens and columns, heavy vehicle panels, and custom brackets and fittings.

All this and more awaits!  Just call us at (513) 489-5252.

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