Capability: Molded plastics and polymers

plastics and polymersSome time ago we were contacted to help with a OEM’s problem finding a supplier of a precision molded plastic part. Fortunately, this turned out well for all sides, and if you need a molded plastic or polymer supplier, we have several excellent candidates.

Among the available molding technologies are:

-Closed mold compression molding, in which plastic or rubber material is introduced into a heated metal mold. The material is forced into mold cavities by pressure.

-Over molding: An insert is placed into the mold prior to the bulk material being added. The material can either bond to the insert or form an interference fit around the insert. As a result the insert is partially or entirely encapsulated into the part.

-Resin transfer molding is a low pressure, closed molding process that offers a dimensionally accurate and high quality surface finish composite molding.

-Vacuum molding in which a sheet of flexible material is placed in the mold and sealed at the edges. A vacuum is applied, and the part cured with temperature, pressure and time.

-Spin Casting, in which a disc-shaped mold is spun along its central axis and the casting material is poured in a mold opening.

-Hand lay-up is used for extremely large parts, using a single surface mold. Fabric and catalyzed resin are placed against the mold; brushes and rollers eliminate air pockets.

Our sources deal with volumes from prototypes to high volumes, and sizes up to 40 feet high. We are standing by for your inquiries.

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