Dip Moldings

Dip MoldingsMany hand tools, levers, grips and a wide range of other items are made with plastic (plastisol) coatings. Dip molding is the technique for providing plastisol coating, and other applications include electrical insulators, caps, plugs and coatings for color coding.

The process can produce both an external part coating or an item made inside a mold. Since plastisol is somewhat elastic, complex parts can be stripped from molds rather easily.

Plastisol is a vinyl compound, liquid at room temperature, and when heated fuses into ordinary vinyl, never to liquefy again. Compound choices include almost limitless colors plus a wide range of options for hardness, thickness, clarity and whether shiny or matte finish. Happily, wall thickness can be held to close tolerances.

Our sources for dip molding have over a dozen dip molding machines, over 35 years experience, and can coat parts up to 48 inches in length. Just let us know when you need dip molding—we’re ready when you are.

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