One Stop Metalworking Shop: Does (Almost) It All!

Water Jet CutTo solve a procurement problem, you need to find a supplier for many different capabilities, with high precision, and with the ability to interact along-the-way for design confirmation.

This situation might demand detailed milling and/or turning.  To generate the material for this part water jet and/or laser cutting could be needed, and the part then needs forming, drilling, knurling, threads cut, and welding, or any number of secondary operations.

Perhaps your requirement is to laser or water jet cut, mill, turn, drill, form and possibly weld, and even tube or rod bending in some combination.  And you would also favor someone who could do all those things in one place in order to meet your timing.  If this is a development situation then having all these capabilities in one place would simplify design alterations!

We have such a supplier.  It’s for production work (more than about 25 pieces) of things under approximately one foot in the main dimension.  The shop is AS certified, SAM registered, and with certified aluminum and steel welders.

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Some unusual specialties of this shop are welding studs and honeycomb extrusion dies.  Essentially this is a high precision machine shop with a wide variety of secondary operations, all under one roof!

The shop is an excellent choice for general milling, turning, small part water jet and laser cutting.  If you just need tube bending, or rod bending, this is a candidate.  If you need some material cut and formed, perhaps welded, again, here is a candidate.

This is a do many things well in a small shop.  If you need an excellent high precision supplier who can solve manufacturing issues that require unique special and multiple capabilities, this is one  available for your requirements at (513) 489-5252.

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