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Timely action to find new suppliers is an important step in maintaining production schedules.  It’s also helpful in your career, as success with new suppliers often checks a performance box!

Take a proactive approach to secure reliable suppliers and avoid career obstacles. Your search for supplier excellence is a vital journey that demands focus and determination. Despite the challenges, maintaining a positive outlook and thoroughness will lead you to a supplier who exceeds your expectations. Remember, the right supplier is pivotal to your project's success and your professional growth.

Our mission is to help you accomplish this!

Simplified Sourcing

Charlie's empathy, rooted in decades of industry experience, alongside a clear, actionable plan, reassures you that Proficient Sourcing is the ally you need to navigate the complexities of procurement successfully. By partnering with us, you transform from being overwhelmed by sourcing challenges to confidently managing your procurement needs, ensuring you can satisfy your bosses and contribute significantly to your company's success.

Stay within budget, meet your timelines, and establish a relationship with a reliable supplier.

Shift from feeling frustrated and stuck to focusing on your strengths, with the peace of mind that comes from having a dependable sourcing partner.

Who is responsible for excellence in providing supplier candidates for you?

Charlie Harte is. He has 40 years of manufacturing experience in production work as well as test market, prototypes, and custom operations. With roles as manufacturing manager and productivity consultant, he has shared your sourcing difficulties. Experience has taught how crucial finding the right supplier is. That's why Proficient Sourcing is dedicated to connecting you with excellent suppliers who not only will meet but exceed your expectations.

3 Step Simplified Procurement

Schedule a discovery call to explore how we can meet your sourcing needs.


Contact Charlie with your specific needs — product details, quality standards, and deadlines.


Our team will swiftly work to match you with an outstanding and appropriate supplier..  Sometimes more than one!


Receive a quote often within a few days, ensuring you stay on track and within budget.

"We’ve worked extensively and often with Proficient Sourcing LLC for several years to find the needed outside manufacturing sources for wire forms, machining, fabrication, and dip molding for our custom merchandising display products. Charlie has consistently found excellent companies to complement our work in order to satisfy our customers. He’s been easy to work with and fast with solutions. We strongly recommend Proficient Sourcing LLC for finding good sourcing solutions fast!"


E2 Merchandising


"Proficient Sourcing came to Napoleon Machine with a Gantry Mill project that was a perfect fit for our capabilities. Together we secured the business through teamwork, negotiation, and relationship building. This one project has evolved into years of production work and profitability. Since the onset of the initial project in 2019, additional opportunities developed. Thanks to Charlie, and this one project Napoleon Machine has evolved into a premier manufacturer of machine bases for the CNC Machine Building Industry."


CEO / Owner
Napoleon Machine


Your time is valuable, and you have many demands. Why not let us give you access (no obligation or cost) to potential suppliers that have both experience in your work and also a history of happy customers.

We have long experience working with excellent job shops in multiple industries. Not only high-volume operations, but also prototypes and custom low volume situations.

We have experience solving supplier problems first-hand in most manufacturing environments.

All that experience has given us the ability to diagnose our prospective suppliers’ performance. Our network of candidates have been chosen because they have proven to be excellent in supplying parts built to spec, delivered on time with competitive pricing.

Basically, we look for companies with happy customers. And for that reason we believe you can be confident our recommendations should work for you.

Save time and effort. Let us help you accomplish your procurement goals. We’re happy to help.

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How does Proficient Sourcing benefit me?

We have many year’s experience working with and identifying excellent manufacturing suppliers, which can save you time and effort without risk. Often our suggestions for your new manufacturing suppliers create profit for you by eliminating poor supplier performance.

What’s the cost to me?

Nothing. You give us your requirements; we recommend qualified manufacturing candidates. You are obligated for nothing.

Where are shops located?

Almost all are in the eastern US. We believe proximity to the customer has great value.

How do shops get into the network?

All manufacturing suppliers must have a history of happy customers over time, with good records for timely delivery and good value, and especially very high-quality standards.

How fast can I get a quote for something?

Usually within a day or two. Sometimes same day.

When do I connect with a shop that’s recommended?

When a manufacturing shop bids, you connect with them from then on. Our job is to be a matchmaker. The relationship’s success will depend upon the shop’s performance, so we make that introduction ASAP.

What happens after the connection is made with the manufacturer?

You decide if continuing is in your best interest and proceed accordingly. You have no obligation to do anything.

Do you offer an ongoing relationship if we want additional but different parts made?

Yes. We are happy to recommend new manufacturing suppliers for new items.

How does Proficient Sourcing qualify a prospective manufacturing supplier?

Proficient Sourcing personnel has over 40 years’ experience with manufacturing operations. Productivity and quality are qualities we have stressed in all our experience, and our recommended shops must have a demonstrable history of excellence.

A B C’s of finding excellent manufacturing suppliers - and keeping them!

Includes several success stories that can help create  supplier-buyer relationships.  

  • Research the Actual Costs
  • Discover Areas of Mutual Gain.
  • Quote Multiple Suppliers