Sourcing Solutions

Proficient Sourcing exists to save your time and effort when you need a manufacturing supplier.  We can provide experienced candidates for almost any requirement and do so without cost FAST.  Our supplier candidates are chosen because they have an extensive history of performance:  Parts delivered on time, built to specification at competitive prices.

That is our mission.

Sourcing search solutions available:

Very large metalwork and objects

Standard size metal and plastics

Micro Machining and Small Metal Part Manufacturing

Searching for excellence with new manufacturing suppliers can consume lots of time and effort.  Normally, after some research, a call may be useful.  By now you’ve spent lots of time without success.  You have your call list and maybe you’re this guy:

Why go through all this:  Be this guy:

He went to Proficient Sourcing and got excellent and appropriate supplier recommendations.

Time is money.  Let us help you save yours.  Success in your supplier search works for you, right?

Contact us!  We’re here to help you! 

Text or call 513-489-5252.