by Charlie Harte

Manufacturing Suppliers for Small Metal Parts

Proficient Sourcing has a network of companies specializing in the manufacture of small METAL parts.  In many cases we have multiple candidates just waiting to satisfy your requirements.  Several of these companies have ITAR certification and some have ISO AS 9100 as well.

All are long standing companies with a history of happy customers.  Perhaps you would like to join them?

We have many stamping and CNC milling/turning candidates.  Besides these “standard” techniques, there are many other choices to consider for your parts.  Given your requirements we can offer different kinds of candidates so you can contrast and compare.

Here are the other capabilities we can offer; again, often with multiple companies.

  1. Swiss screw machining:  Decades ago they became the method of high quantity part production at first for the electronics and semiconductor industries. As technology progressed, it wasn’t long before they became viable options for all industries, from automotive to aerospace to consumer products.  We have 6 companies with CNC Swiss machines.  Each has a variety of secondary processes.
  2. Hydromats: Rotary transfer machines have multiple stations for specific machining tasks.  Parts are automatically transferred station to station, with each station performing one specific operation on the workpiece.  Hydromats are ideal for appropriate jobs that require machining thousands to millions of the same part that require multiple machining operations.
  3. Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is similar to plastic injection molding and is especially useful for significant quantities of complex, intricate parts that might be used in medical devices, electronics, aerospace and industrial tools.
  4. Powdered metal is similar to MIM in that metal powders are used and eventually sintered to create a finished part.  P/M is usually cheaper than MIM, and more appropriate for less complex workpieces.  It is also a useful technique for self lubricating bearings.  Porous parts are possible to create for some medical parts desiring bone ingrowth as well as metal filters.
  5. Die casting is another high-volume process for small to medium size aluminum or zinc parts.  It may be the process of choice for mass production, but the high tooling cost might make MIM or P/M the better choice, depending upon the intricacy of details besides quantity needed.
  6. EDM is especially useful for complex geometries and patterns, hard materials, thin and delicate parts and tight tolerance small holes and cavities. It is also used for blind keyways and splines.  EDM is a specialized process useful in specific applications usually not high volume due to slow speed and relatively higher cost per part.

When you need supplier candidates for your small parts, we have a great variety of companies to recommend.  All you need to do is contact us with your requirements at (513) 489-5252 or

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