Deep Hole Drilling

If your business requires precise deep holes, where the depth is a significant multiple of diameter, we have a terrific source for your consideration. This company has long experience with many different industries and materials, and has core competency with gundrilling, ejector drilling, and trepanning. Not only that, but engineering assistance and multiple secondary operations equipment choices are available for your complex projects.

One value of these techniques is that the hole is extremely straight and usually burnished during the drilling procedure. Followup operations are also available. Our company has experience with the typical industries that require these techniques: armaments, aerospace, medical, oil and gas exploration and engine components.

Holes as small as 0.1” and as large as 24” and depths up to 33 feet are within this company’s capabilities. They work with a wide variety of difficult materials, including nickel and cobalt based alloys, Inconel, titanium and beryllium copper. Large overhead cranes can handle up to 40,000 pounds, and nearly 60,000 pounds with advanced notice.

If drilling billets, the trepanning method creates a core a few inches smaller than the bore. This core is then available for additional parts and is a distinct advantage when expensive alloys are under consideration. Many secondary operations are also available, all under one roof.

If your needs include precision deep drilled holes, please give us a call at (513) 489-5252. We are standing by.

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