We’ll find a competitive supplier for you—FAST, using a vast and varied network of capable manufacturers.

After 30+ years working with small manufacturers to improve productivity and sales, we have gathered an impressive network of shops that covers a vast spectrum of capabilities. Our network of manufacturers is also an information network of referrals to companies that do other things.

Often we can provide multiple candidates. We will always deliver an answer quickly. We know customers want to move forward with their manufacturing. If you need something rare or really unusual we have experience delivering results for that as well. Those do take a bit longer, but we almost always find a suitable candidate and in some cases, several for you to choose from.

Helping solve your sourcing needs is what we do.

Specialized Manufacturing Capabilities:

Areas of Special Interest

  • Castings and forgings
  • Building equipment components, esp bases
  • Architectural fabrications—stairs, platforms, rails, etc.
  • Clamshell packaging
  • Vacuum forming
  • Metal spinning
  • Aluminum extrusion

And, of course, we have several sources for general machining, fabrication and injection molding. Our sources can cover most sizes, shapes, materials, and quantities. Reach out if you have a need or just give us a call 513-489-5252 for FAST service!