Reshoring Your Steel Castings!

reshoring steel castings

With all the obvious supply chain issues at present, and container costs rising by the day, perhaps you should consider reshoring steel castings.

We feature a domestic foundry source that’s a specialist supplier of heavy-sectioned, finished steel castings.   This includes mild and alloyed castings ranging from 1000 to 70,000 pounds.  If your interest is tool and/or stainless-steel castings from 500-30,000 pounds, this is the domestic source for your consideration.

In addition, this source also features large format precision turning and milling services.  Should this capability be of interest, we also have several other available gantry milling and large lathe sources.  We are particularly interested in machinery and equipment parts and components.

This featured foundry source is a specialist supplier of base plates, floor plates and surface plates for the testing, machine tool, and measurement industries.  The company can provide engineering, manufacturing and installation services and expertise to comprehensively meet customers’ requirements.

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