Capability: Springs

Our ISO and ITAR spring source specializes in the design and production of extension and compression springs for industries where precision manufacturing techniques are of paramount importance. The company is able to offer rapid turnaround, and can economically manufacture both simple and more complex spring shapes, by the tens or by the millions! Completely new spring configurations can often be produced with no tooling costs!

Categories include:

Compression Springs: In production wire sizes ranging from .006″ through .472″. Any end configuration is available. The grinding department allows us to offer a variety of end grinding options with a varying degree of precision.

Extension Springs: In production wire sizes ranging from .006″ through .472″. A wide range of end styling is available. Basic hook and loop types including swivel and extension hooks, together with special treatments, make almost limitless the number of end styles to choose from. On large orders, automatic looping facilities offer an attractive cost reduction factor.

Torsion & Double Torsion Springs: In production wire sizes ranging from .006″ through .156″. Short run facilities are available for larger sizes and we offer a full range of materials. Ends are designed to accommodate assembly into other components. Because of the peculiar nature of torsion springs, we need to know the functional details of the spring and it’s application in order to best assist you.

Belleville Springs: Having constant material thickness and used as a compression spring, the disc may be installed singularly or stacked in sets, and are used to an advantage in heavy situations with specified space and deflection limits. We encourage you to make full use of our technical expertise.

Clock Springs: Fully equipped to produce your flat spiral clock and motor springs, we can make endless styles and sizes in a wide variety of materials. Special ends, attachments and configurations are all available to meet your specs.

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