Custom drive train/motion control components

drive trainWe have a supplier with 30 years’ experience for the manufacturer of custom drive train and motion control components. They also welcome repairing, refurbishing, or rebuilding such components.

Controlled mechanical movement may involve a wide assortment of devices, and our source can manufacture custom parts accurately and quickly. Among the possibilities are these:

Gearing made to order: spur and helical, both US and metric, up to 36” diameter. Need internal teeth? Up to 18” PD, max LTB 4.00”. Also straight bevel gears; ratchet gears, worm & worm gears. All these can be made from your print or sample.

  • Involute and straight sided splines, internal and external.
  • Roller chain and silent chain sprockets
  • Timing belt pulleys: HTD, polychain and synchro flex
  • Dynamic balancing (250 lb capacity) from G6.3 to G2.5 quality specifications.

Our source is also interested in working with you to repair, refurbish, or rebuild your drive train/motion control devices. Again, the variety of possibilities is great, but the most commonly requested services are for these:

  • Gearboxes, reducers, pumps, hydraulic cylinders, and linear screws.

If your device definition is lacking this source has vast experience reverse engineering new and replacements, even for obsolete or out of production parts.

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