by Charlie Harte

equipment componentsOur network of suppliers contains several companies that specialize in the very large, the heavy, the thick (as in plate) and not only metal, but also plastics.

If you are an equipment or machinery builder, you might need equipment bases from plate or large parts machined. Perhaps you need steel plate work such as equipment foundations, mixing tanks or underground containers.   Our plate fabricators can roll ¾” plate to lengths up to 13’ in a single part. A 30’ press brake is available and can handle 4” thick plate. Naturally these suppliers feature a variety of welding as well as water jet, laser, and plasma cutting.

Perhaps you need very large items machined or ground. If your work is less than 88 feet long, 14 feet wide, 10 feet high and weighs less than 150,000 pounds, we have a shop that can handle it.

Molded plastics are available in a variety of formats; molded, thermoformed, and fabricated.  Two outstanding suppliers feature shops with most plastic capabilities under one roof.

We have a domestic foundry specializing in large iron and steel castings.  Stainless to 10,000 pounds, iron to 70,000 pounds.  Costs are now similar to overseas choices, but without the hassle of customers, language, strange customs and regulations, and lengthy shipping times.

If your requirements call for a boring mill, our shop can machine up to 50’ x 14’ x 4’. It features 4-axis readouts and has 800 square feet of steel floor plate. This mill, plus others, include rotary tables and right angle milling heads.

Or surface grinding? The answer is yes, so long as the item is less than 10’ x 23’.

These are but a few highlights of the large item capability we have found to be difficult to find. Just give us a call (513) 489-5252 if you need BIG!

About the author 

Charlie Harte

I’ve built this business based upon my 30+ years in manufacturing sourcing and productivity improvements, where I’ve developed strong relationships with a network of local and global suppliers who’ve demonstrated on-time delivery, parts built to spec, excellent service and value. This means HAPPY CUSTOMERS!