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Gear cuttingMany customers are equipment and machinery builders and drive train components are integral to these businesses. Gears, for example, may need refurbishing or replacing, and even very old parts duplicated due to wear. We have companies that specialize in this sort of work. They have long experience satisfying customers in need of new parts as well as repairs to existing, including refurbishing gear boxes.

Shops specializing in refurbishing and repair work have particular reverse engineering capabilities. Should your equipment need replacements for out of production parts, or perhaps items without drawings these shops are just what’s needed. Their skills in making new parts from broken pieces, for example, are often called upon.

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Here’s just a partial listing of things you might need:

  •  Small volume machined parts
  •  Reverse engineered repair and out of production machined parts
  •  Gear box/reducer repair/rebuilding
  •  Gear cutting: AGMA 8 Std (hobbed)
    • Spur & helical gears, bevel and worm gears
  • Involute and straight sided splines; internal and external
  • Timing belt pulleys
  • Silent and roller chain sprockets
  • Timing belt and HTD pulleys
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Self lubricating bearings for pneumatic cylinders

We also feature companies who make heavy parts, such as large (or small, for that matter) gear boxes, machine bases, and other components associated with equipment manufacturers.

Gear Box

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