Low Volume Manufacturing

We are working to offer more choices for clients who need resources for smaller volume projects. These might be one-offs, prototypes, R&D experiments, repair parts, or spares for products no longer in production.

Companies that seek prototypes or low quantity machining, whether repeating or not, may experience a lengthy search in order to find a suitable supplier. Naturally, most job shops seek customers with long and repeating production runs. But there are lots of circumstances requiring lesser quantities, and we have a solution for just these projects.

We have an excellent machining source that specializes in low quantity, fast delivery. This shop looks for smaller quantity projects that others may not prefer or even no-bid, and has a variety of milling, EDM and turning equipment available.

Keyseating and broaching (1/16” to 2 ½” wide) is another of this shop’s capabilities.

This emphasis on lower volume work lends itself well to repair and replacement parts in support of maintenance needs. If desired, and if your location is reasonably close, the company offers to visit your facility to examine the environment the parts are experiencing, and may be able to suggest solutions to improve the parts’ durability.

Other applications would be spares for products in use but no longer in production or parts for custom equipment or experimental parts for R&D or small quantities for a test market application.

Shops that look for low volume work and provide outstanding quality and fast delivery are not common. If you need such a source, please give Proficient Sourcing a call or email.