by Charlie Harte


3d printing

We are featuring a company that specializes in very accurate 3D printing, done FAST and with engineering assistance as desired!  Perhaps your need is help with product design where evolutions can be produced and investigated quickly.  In most new product and innovative work prototypes are essential for approvals.  Getting these accurately made and done quickly sounds very appropriate.  And then would a few 3D printed market-ready products help your overall plans?

We seek companies, or even individuals who would benefit from 3D engineered prototyping and design or small quantity market-ready manufactured parts.  Struggling with a new product or design?  3D printing could be a readily available solution!  Need prototype parts and engineering assistance?  Maybe even a small number of actual parts?  Precise 3D printing could be an answer for all the above!

Innovation is difficult.  Companies with a new idea in need of the actual physical item or perhaps a modification to some existing item can find the process problematic.  In the many cases we have experienced frequent design changes and schedule adjustments-these are common for developments and new designs.  Having a resource to deal with change should be extremely helpful.  We have a 3D printing and engineering company that specializes in just this sort of work!

The company specializes in the technical design and creation of 3D printed parts of very high precision.   In fact, the company sometimes takes on initial production of sellable parts (assuming they are plastic and not metal).

Of special interest is the company consists of experienced engineering talent.  Not only that but customer service and FAST response are especially useful features for those seeking implementing of their good ideas.  The mission is to manufacture 3D printed end usable parts, and to do so quickly.

When you need engineering help for developing a new or modified product, and fast prototypes would be useful, give us a call at (513) 489-5252.  We are ready to assist get your new item up and running.

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Charlie Harte

I’ve built this business based upon my 30+ years in manufacturing sourcing and productivity improvements, where I’ve developed strong relationships with a network of local and global suppliers who’ve demonstrated on-time delivery, parts built to spec, excellent service and value. This means HAPPY CUSTOMERS!