3D FDM (plastic)—Fully Functional Parts

Fused Deposit Molding technology permits a workable part to be produced in days from the OEM’s print.  The cost is quite small and because the FDM part is fully functional, design issues can be tested and addressed before rollout.   Then, if some defect is found, subsequent prototypes are available very quickly.

If you are contemplating a plastic item that will fit within a build envelope 16” x 14” x 16” high, consider having a fully functional one made for evaluating the design.  If you have a drawing, the item can be made in a matter of days.  12 different materials can be used; ABM, polycarbonate, and ultem are available on site.

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If injection molding is the ultimate plan, design considerations need to include wall thicknesses, draft angles and other things that are unnecessary for FDM parts.  Using 3D FDM technology, you can design a relatively simple item, obtain working examples—even low volume production–and save injection molding design issues for later, when the market prospects are better defined.

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