Gantry Milling for Very Large Components

Bridge Milling

If you are an OEM machinery builder, and your equipment is large and heavy, then you may need a manufacturer of heavy plate components, such as uprights, bases, crowns, and platens.  Large items such as these require large manufacturing equipment, and we have a supplier with extremely large and accurate gantry milling (bridge milling) machines.  They also feature similarly large grinding equipment.

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These large machines are especially useful for runway systems and rails for automation integration, where very large components must be flat and parallel.

Gantry MillingOur suppliers specialize in such components as pump bases, machine tool bases and power generation bases.  Here’s an example of a large machine tool base manufactured by one of our suppliers:

While this article emphasizes large machining or grinding work, perhaps your need is for agitators, rolled plate features, or formed plate components.  We feature shops that specialize in that as well.

There are very few companies that can offer the size and variety of services available.  So if you have very large machinery or equipment components that require milling and/or grinding, we just might be who you are looking for.  Just give us a call (513) 489-5252!

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