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Proficient Sourcing HappinessWhat is Proficient Sourcing, and why we benefit procurement professionals. If you would like to save time and effort finding good supplier candidates, then we can help. It is our objective to increase overall procurement happiness, which is accomplished by presenting outstanding candidates for your needs quickly and without any obligation on your part.

Happiness in procurement comes about when a buyer, engineer, or someone else with a need for a supplier finds one (or more) that satisfies that need effectively. Further, if the procurement person can avoid spending time and effort in this search, there’s even more happiness! Let us help. That’s what we do for you.

Think of us as a matchmaker.

Over several decades we have accumulated a large and diverse collection of manufacturing companies in a network of potential suppliers. These companies are selected because they have a history of on-time delivery of parts built to specification with good service and delivery. These are companies with long experience in their area of expertise who are eager to work with you to achieve the results you desire. In particular, they are also eager to help you implement continuous improvements. Isn’t that what you are looking for when considering a new supplier? We’d be interested in your thoughts, please “reply” below in the comments section.

We look for market segments that involve high precision with volumes usually less than mass production. Lately we’ve seen economic forecasts suggesting 2018 should be a great year for machinery/equipment builders. Machinery and equipment builders could mean just about any manufacturing area from large storage tanks to micro-machined components for any number of things. But in all cases high precision, frequent design changes and limited quantities would seem to be characteristics of supplier requirements.

Why do these characteristics fit Proficient Sourcing?

In the main our network of candidates consists largely of smaller businesses—usually between $5 and $20 million in annual revenue. Companies looking for production volumes will usually favor larger companies, although injection molded plastics and some other high volume requirements will often fit in our comfort zone.   So there are exceptions to the general rule.   We welcome your questions: (513) 489-5252 will generate a fast answer.

Another factor involved with equipment builders might be a buyer’s interest in finding a supplier interested in generating improvements. Our candidates have considerable experience with continuous improvements. They are automatically looking for better ways to make their products, and will usually welcome customers interested in improvement collaboration.

We feature multiple choices for areas such as large platens, bases, tanks, rails for automation, gearboxes, structural parts or, on the other end of the scale, micro machined parts.

The next time you would like good candidates for your manufactured parts or assemblies, why not give us a call? (513) 489-5252 will put you in touch with a matchmaker eager to save your time and effort.

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