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If you have requirements for an outstanding pressure vessel manufacturer, or perhaps a jacketed stainless mixing tank, a ASME jacketed reactor vessel, or even a distillation column manufacturer, we have an excellent source for consideration.  And they have 60 years of tank making experience.



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If it can fit on a truck or rail, that’s within their capability.  The company has built and shipped completed vessels 16 feet in diameter and 85 feet long, and weighing up to 32 tons. Most tanks fall between 500 to 25, 000 gallons, and pressure vessels range from 200 to 10,000 gallons.  Need a custom tank or vessel for ONE gallon?  That, too, can be handled.

Tanks, pressure vessels and reactors needing heating or cooling jackets are another specialty.  ASME code tanks, pressure vessels and mixing tanks can be outfitted with a jacket that meets your unique heating or cooling needs.  Dimpled jackets or half-pipe jacketing can be attached to the outside or underside of your tanks, vessels or reactors.  The company will also provide jackets and/or half-pipe for a DIY project for your existing equipment.

Pipe coils are another specialty, and can be manufactured in spiral, helical, or serpentine shapes in sizes from ¼” to 6”.   If pipe bending is a need,  ¼” to 24” diameter pipe can be bent into elbows, sweeps, jogs, etc.  depending upon your specific needs and tailored to your required radius of bend.

Our tank and vessel company has experience building custom tanks, vessels, reactors and distillation columns for the process chemical, distillery, pharmaceutical, brewery, food, pulp & paper and water treatment industries.

If tanks, vessels, reactors, or distillation columns are on your mind,  just give us a call (513) 489-5252.  We are ready when you are!

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