High Speed Custom Fabrications – Product Rollouts, Displays, Merchandisers

You require a large quantity of  custom structures for a product rollout, display, or a tubing-sheet metal, painted fabrication.   Would this need be helped by in-house engineering, design, high speed comprehensive manufacturing and even the possibility of inventory help?  Are project management, rapid prototyping and presentation assistance also desireable?  Finally, does the project involve ease of installation on site?

We feature a company specializing in such high volume fabrication work.  Their particular focus is on product rollout fixtures and freestanding displays for retail environments.  High speed, rapid delivery of custom fabricated work is the name of their game, especially when in-house engineering, project management and design help is involved.   In particular:

Large quantity custom creations of metal tubing and sheet metal formed shapes, using high speed manufacturing processes such as robotic welding, oversize powder coating (automated line with extra head room), high speed multi-axis press brake forming, and unitized punching.

In-house design, engineering, and manufacturing result in permanent mount fixtures and displays built to showcase complicated product rollouts.  These fixtures, forms, and displays are heavily engineered and built for safety, shipping and easy installation.

The company offers comprehensive engineering and project management.  These capabilities can be helpful in creating small merchandisers as well as larger structures: experience includes shelf talkers, dividers, hanging signage, tag channels, and graphics.

Rapid prototyping and presentation assistance is also available.

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If your requirements specify fast manufacturing of custom creations of metal tubing and sheet metal forms, even if they are larger than the usual powder coated fabrications, that’s what this company does with a history of excellence and happy customers.

Once again:  in house processes include:  robotic welding, tube forming and assembly, sheet metal forming, automated powder coat painting, unitized punching, and multi-axis high speed press brake forming.   Support capabilities include engineering, fixturing, tooling, design, and project management.

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