by Charlie Harte

Machining components for OEM equipment builders is a special interest area, and we have a number of candidates for such work.  One of these is a versatile machine shop specializing in short runs for larger parts.  They say their size range is “from the size of your hand up to as big as a rail car”, and here are the specialties of the house:

  • Machine tool tooling-parts for assembly lines and associated machinery
  • Large turning
  • Machine and conveyor roll and shaft repair/rebuilding
  • Machine frames, weldments, and bases
  • Work-holding fixtures
  • Rough finishing of castings and forgings
  • Machining prototypes for newly designed castings/forgings
  • CNC OD shaft grinding
  • Wire EDM

The company features numerous large mills and lathes, along with these special machines:

  • New 185” large bed mill with indexable head
  • Floor Mill-312” travel
  • 72” Vertical turret lathe
  • CNC OD grinding: Up to 4” diameter/44” length

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Secondary operations include welding, painting, and honing.  The mission is to be able to handle almost all requirements for short run large component work you might have.

This shop has been particularly successful with OEM’s having machine rolls and equipment components that need machining and welding.  Short run, large component machining and equipment or conveyor roll repairs are especially competitive areas.

If you require a supplier for large component machining with several secondary options (welding and grinding), quantity shafts OD grinding for pumps or other machinery needs, machine roll repairs, equipment frames and bases, large weldments and turning, or prototyping for future castings, then we have a candidate for you!

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Charlie Harte

I’ve built this business based upon my 30+ years in manufacturing sourcing and productivity improvements, where I’ve developed strong relationships with a network of local and global suppliers who’ve demonstrated on-time delivery, parts built to spec, excellent service and value. This means HAPPY CUSTOMERS!