Unusual Requests and Happy Customers

Happy Suppliers, Happy Buyers

We are a business created to help procurement folks find good suppliers for outsourced manufacturing. We are primarily interested in equipment/machinery OEM’s because most of the work we do involves that particular segment of manufacturing. If this is your space, check us out.

In fact, Proficient Sourcing has experience is a wide variety of applications, most of which are metalworking: supply requirements involving parts for some OEM product. And although we offer a wide variety of plastic capabilities, machining has been the majority of capabilities requested.

Speaking of variety, we’ve had some success lately with unusual supply issues. These come under the umbrella of repair parts, out of production parts, low quantity parts, and reverse engineered “old” and obsolete parts. Several different types of manufacturing were required, and we have several companies that eagerly await projects of this type. Here are a few examples; perhaps you have similar issues. If so, we would be delighted to try to help.

One company was having a problem with excess shaft wear with their pneumatic cylinders. We considered several options, and then suggested self-lubricated bushings, which is a specialty of the house of a powder metal firm we work with.

Another case involved unusual wear with processing rolls in a company’s machinery. We have a supplier that provides OD grinding and hard chrome plating, which proved to be a useful solution, and available quickly.

A few of our companies have in-house engineering available to reverse engineer replacement parts for which there are no drawings. This appears to be a frequent case with old equipment and processes where updates have not happened. In the most extreme case we were dealing with originally cast parts by companies long out of business.

A machinery company needed a particular type of plastic tray for a difficult application. We have a vacuum forming company that was able to assist in the design and manufacture of parts that fit the bill exactly. Their competitive advantage is great experience with specialized plastics for food related applications.

A company needed a precisely made small tank for a special mixing application. We have a very versatile fabrication company that specializes in low quantity specialized tanks, who was able to offer a successful solution. Another company was able to design and build a custom hastelloy part for this application. The tank manufacturing supplier has years of experience with distillation columns as well as jacketed tanks and pressure vessels.

We have a large number and variety of proven manufacturing shops with a history of happy customers. If you are interested in possibly joining us, give us a call at (513) 489-5252. It’s that easy!

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