by Charlie Harte

why call proficient sourcing

Over the past few months we have had several complex projects. These projects involved are why procurement professionals or project managers to call Proficient Sourcing seeking solutions to their problems. A specific supplier was desired.

We were able to quickly provide credible candidates. In every case the project is proceeding and on schedule.

The reason this happens is Proficient Sourcing has a very broad and diverse network of supplier job shops. Not only do these companies have extensive histories of happy customers, but they are also a ready source of referrals to other excellent job shops for things we may not have needed (yet). Click here for capabilities we offer.

In short order we can determine the basics of what a company needs. That means we can find a suitable supplier candidate—sometimes more than one. Then we can connect potential buyer and seller and the project is underway. Think of the time saved by letting us do what we do! And we would welcome the opportunity to do so.

Here are two recent examples:

A diverse medical device company with a variety of non-metal products contacted us The task was to find a suitable injection molder for a plastic assembly needed for a new product launch in 4-5 months. The company wanted to bring the Chinese development work back to the US, but the exact details of the reshoring want were not disclosed. In any case, the desired supplier was needed to accept injection molding tooling from the previous supplier in China and produce a number of parts which would then be clean room assembled. Another issue was the volume for this launch was relatively small, and although the planned rollout indicated greater quantities fairly quickly, we all know how accurate such schedules eventually turn out. The supplier must also have the ISO 13485 certification for device manufacturing. Finally, since there would likely be design changes over time, proximity to the company would be very helpful.

We were able to provide just such a supplier, who was connected to the medical device company following an NDA process, which we coordinated. So now the 2 companies are in contact, and the project is proceeding.

This is exactly what we are established to do, and to do so QUICKLY.

The second situation is we have developed a relationship with a merchandising company that usually makes large display devices. They have been acquired by a local conglomerate, and introduced to a number of larger potential customers with new requirements. Among them laser cut small parts and large discs, a variety of metal tools, dip molded parts, fabric covers, and shaped tubing. In all these cases we supplied the winning suppliers and the merchandising company thus acquired a substantial bump in new business from new customers otherwise out of reach. We not only supplied successful suppliers, but saved the merchandising company a great deal of time and effort during a time when they were otherwise fully occupied.

This, too, is exactly what we are established to do, and do so QUICKLY.

Why not give us a chance to offer you the same advantages? We are just a call away, and ready to spring into action to satisfy your supply needs. Schedule a phone consultation today! we are ready whenever you are!

About the author 

Charlie Harte

I’ve built this business based upon my 30+ years in manufacturing sourcing and productivity improvements, where I’ve developed strong relationships with a network of local and global suppliers who’ve demonstrated on-time delivery, parts built to spec, excellent service and value. This means HAPPY CUSTOMERS!