Clamshell Packaging for Sensitive Goods

Plastic clamshell packaging

If your products require secure packaging for any of several reasons, clamshell packaging could be a good answer.  Proficient Sourcing’s network of manufacturing companies includes at least one that also does packaging.  They specialize in clamshell packaging to protect sensitive products such as food, electronics, and others.  Perhaps your business involves such items—and perhaps clamshell packaging would help you.



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Why clamshell packaging?

It’s secure.  No contamination during processing, shipping and handling and protection against environmental factors.  Your sensitive items arrive securely sealed and ready for use!

It’s easy to open.  Although clamshell packaging remains tightly sealed during shipping, shelving, inventory storage, handling and whatever else, when it’s time to open that is easily accomplished.  This eliminates annoyed customers!

Packaging Sensitive GoodsIt’s customizable!  From simple packets for condiments to textured containers for luxury goods, the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to clamshell packaging. It can be customized to your precise specifications, ensuring items of almost any shape and size are properly protected. Design services are also available to place your brand messaging on the packages.

If you are involved with a product where such packaging would be useful, and would like more, please give us a call at (513) 489-5252.   We are ready when you are.

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