Need a Outsourced Manufacturing Supplier? A Few Tips

We have had a great deal of experience with RFQ’s and resulting quotes during our 10 years of working to help buyers find excellent suppliers.  Most of the time the primary issue is price, but there are often many other important factors. This is an article we wrote years ago from a source unfortunately lost to history. Obviously the conditions around an OEM procurement professional seeking a supplier can run the gamut from simply trying… Read More

Lousy Suppliers? A Remedy

The January-February edition of Professional Purchasing’s lead article is “Avoiding Scams and Dishonest Suppliers”   We at Proficient Sourcing provide supplier candidates to those seeking improvements in their supply chain or need someone new for outsourced manufacturing, so this was a wonderfully appropriate article. Among the many issues raised in this article are count errors, invoice prices not matching purchase orders, product count listed on packaging not matching what’s inside, and weights listed in “error”. These… Read More

Concerns: Outsourced Manufacturing for New Products

Proficient Sourcing recommends potential suppliers to buyers interested in improving their supply chains.  On occasion we have been contacted to help source the manufacture of some or all of a new product. This starts a chain of events where problems lurk at every turn.  Most of the new products fail; very few result in home runs.  Yet, the possibility exists to attract the job shop willing to take a chance.  There are some in our… Read More

3 rules for job shops to follow to avoid unprofitable work

Job Shop Work;  Things to Avoid!   Job shops are caught between a rock and hard place when considering RFQ’s.  On the one hand, you can’t win if you don’t bid.  On the other hand, winning might be a fatal error and great losses might occur. In general, the danger areas are these.  First, when bidding on work, consider whether or not you have the capacity to do the future work that might happen. You… Read More

Our 2021 China Trade Relationship

As we look beyond coronavirus effects, much of how our economy develops in 2021 will depend upon how we deal with China. Obviously there have been significant changes due to the pandemic, and now we have a new administration. Many believe the new administration is more favorably inclined to China, and there are even some reports of China “buying” influence as a widespread problem. Here’s just one example from a San Francisco newsletter: “The inaugural… Read More

Manufacturing Reshoring as 2020 Ends

Several 2020 articles and news reports indicate reshoring of manufacturing is on the rise.  Clearly the pandemic has shown the limitations of overseas supply for critical items in a situation of rapidly increased global demand.  Increased reshoring might be a good economic boost, and act to counter the negative effects of the pandemic. The Trump administration made a great deal of noise about increasing US manufacturing, and especially bringing operations back from China.  Tax policies,… Read More

Manufacturing in 2021 – A Prediction

With all the unusual events of 2020, and the multiple effects on US manufacturing, what is forecast for 2021? Surely major change has got to occur, and how we respond to those changes is likely to be a very major factor in business growth. When we found a Forbes article from late December, Five Predictions for The Manufacturing Industry in 2021, we found some hints on what lies ahead. Proficient Sourcing, which finds and recommends… Read More

CFO’s Economic Forecast

CNBC’s Global CFO Council is a group of the world’s top CFO’s, and this group issues quarterly outlooks for the largest global economies, as well as other economic forecasts.  These outlooks occur in categories such as “improving”, “modestly improving”, “stable” and “modestly declining”.  China’s economy continues to get the highest “grades”. As we all know, the global coronavirus has depressed virtually all economies one way or another, and in the US, for example, such businesses… Read More

High Volume Powder Coating done FAST

You require powder coated painting, and your metal parts are unusually large, and you may have a significant quantity of parts to be painted.  Not only that, but you need fast turnaround and, of course, want competitive pricing. We may have just the answer you need! We feature a company with an unusual capability—not only high volume production powder coating, but a special automated paint line with high headroom.  This means your larger parts can… Read More

The Supplier “Fires” a Customer! Now A New Supplier is Needed – FAST

Proficient Sourcing exists to help buyers find excellent custom manufacturing suppliers.  We have a large network of possibilities for supplier candidates and referrals.  Click here for a listing of capabilities. Occasionally the buyer’s company has issues that impede a good search, and in those cases we can have a very helpful role.  Here’s an example: Recently we were contacted to assist in a situation where a supplier wanted to “fire” a customer.  Ultimately we were… Read More