Spares, One-offs, Prototypes, and OEM parts

Recently we visited a large food manufacturer. Their high speed manufacturing equipment was made in Europe, and spares and changeover parts were ordered from the OEM in Europe. Most of the time this has worked well, but they need to maintain a parts inventory because it takes about 2 weeks to get resupplied. We were involved in a separate project to supply parts for a project long out of production and another situation similar to… Read More

Try This When You Need a New Supplier!

Engineers and supply chain/procurement managers need to acquire new suppliers for any of several reasons.  There is a good deal of information on selection criteria, but little on where to look.  We have thoughts on this and would welcome yours. There are several ways to find new supplier candidates, and most of these involve spending substantial time and effort qualifying these candidates—so you can then use all the various selection criteria that’s readily available.  Proficient… Read More

Stainless Pressure Vessel Manufacturer

All manufacturers have strength areas and our pressure vessel manufacturer does as well.  Companies needing stainless mixing tanks, for example, should find us attractive for value and service.  And if alloy vessels are needed, that’s another area of strength. Want to learn if our pressure vessel manufacturer is a right fit for you? Reach out to me directly If your needs are any of these we hope you will give our candidate an opportunity to… Read More

Trump has Manufacturing all Wrong

Reshoring is of great interest to us at Proficient Sourcing because of our desire—and ability to provide good manufacturing candidates for the outsourcing needs of most OEM’s.  We have a very wide and diverse collection of shops to do just that.  If reshoring is on your agenda, we hope you will keep us in mind.  Here’s a listing of most of the capabilities we can offer.  In fact, we are available and ready to assist… Read More

Gantry Milling for Very Large Components

If you are an OEM machinery builder, and your equipment is large and heavy, then you may need a manufacturer of heavy plate components, such as uprights, bases, crowns, and platens.  Large items such as these require large manufacturing equipment, and we have a supplier with extremely large and accurate gantry milling (bridge milling) machines.  They also feature similarly large grinding equipment. Reach Out to Me Directly for Questions Just give me a call (513)… Read More

New Suppliers — Free Engineering and More!

Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 9/16 edition has a special report:  “Set Your Sights on Strategic Sourcing”.  This report contains a number of useful thoughts that could have very positive benefits to the purchasing organization.  A link to this report is at the end of this article.  While this report deals mainly with large entities, seeking strategic suppliers is worthy of the consideration of all. Proficient Sourcing finds new supplier candidates for procurement professionals.  In… Read More

Special Expertise-Equipment and Machinery Components

Many of our network shops have a special interest in services to equipment and machinery builders, as well as providing metal panels for heavy vehicles.  Runway systems for automation integrators is another specialty.     Reach Out to Me Directly for Questions Just give me a call (513) 489-5252! Click here to send an email   These specialties feature specialized equipment, which includes: Bridge (gantry) milling and surface grinding for very large parts, such as… Read More

Happiness Awaits!

What is Proficient Sourcing, and why we benefit procurement professionals. If you would like to save time and effort finding good supplier candidates, then we can help. It is our objective to increase overall procurement happiness, which is accomplished by presenting outstanding candidates for your needs quickly and without any obligation on your part. Happiness in procurement comes about when a buyer, engineer, or someone else with a need for a supplier finds one (or… Read More

Tanks, Vessels, Reactors and Distillation Columns

If you have requirements for an outstanding pressure vessel manufacturer, or perhaps a jacketed stainless mixing tank, a ASME jacketed reactor vessel, or even a distillation column manufacturer, we have an excellent source for consideration.  And they have 60 years of tank making experience.     Reach Out to Me Directly for Questions Just give me a call (513) 489-5252! Click here to send an email   If it can fit on a truck or… Read More

Energy — A Ginormous and Vital Political Football

The US is the world’s #2 energy consumer, so it’s important to keep track of energy policy (or the lack thereof) as the new administration takes charge.  Cheap and abundant energy is important for manufacturing’s health, and we look forward to a new positive policy direction. As we contemplate the end of 2017, and wish all of you a very Merry Christmas season and Happy New Year, we find the information on energy both complicated… Read More