China: Is the End Coming Soon?

Proficient Sourcing is interested in helping OEM’s reshore, especially from China.  On 8/4 we wrote an article about Peter Zeihan’s emphatic comments that China was nearing an end as a manufacturing superpower.  Several factors were cited, and now there’s more from this same source. And speaking of reshoring, here’s some good news from the Reshoring Institute’s 2023 Q1 Data Report: “Reshoring + FDI [Foreign Direct Investment] manufacturing job announcements are continuing to outpace recent records,… Read More

China: Is the End Coming Soon?

  China has been the major thorn in American manufacturing for some time.  Now a well-known expert says this is coming to a dramatic end in the next 10 years. Proficient Sourcing has a network of domestic manufacturers eager for reshoring interest or just a desire for better suppliers.  Maybe at last we have some “good” news concerning manufacturing and China! Peter Zeihan has been writing about world geopolitics for decades and recently released a… Read More

Need Improvements to Your Supply Chain – FAST?

  We’re all about improving your supply chain.  Whether reshoring something or any of a myriad of possibilities, if you want excellent candidates for your outsourced manufacturing, we can probably help. Key areas of success have been large metal parts, such as machine bases, fabricated and molded plastics, domesticating ferrous (and large!) castings, tanks, pressure vessels, and even micro machined precision items.  We can also offer special ISO candidates for specific industries.  Here’s a partial… Read More

Future of the Supply Chain. Good for the US?

Proficient Sourcing LLC exists to help OEM’s find excellent manufacturing suppliers.  We found a forecast of what the future might hold that’s both chilling and encouraging.  Check out this source and keep us in mind if it’s at all accurate. “[After WWII] the Americans had …become THE determining factor in issues European and Asian…industrial and trade based, cultural and military. …The Americans…offered their wartime allies a deal.  The Americans would use their navy to patrol… Read More

Good News for US Manufacturing! Can it be True?

  Several recent forecasts have predicted difficult economic times in the years ahead. One primary reason given is the declining influence of the US Navy in promoting free oceanic trade. Without the Navy’s presence countries may become more parochial, and the major ones may try to exert greater control over what they view as their sphere of influence. Should this be true it probably means a decline in manufacturing outsourcing to Asia in particular. To… Read More

Outsourcing Your Manufacturing: Pros and Cons

  Proficient Sourcing LLC exists to help you find excellent suppliers so your outsourcing will be successful.  There are many factors involved with outsourcing, and it’s always educational to check the internet to see the pros and cons. Fortunately, we found no new revelations.  But depending on your business there are certainly many things to consider. In most cases we know, an OEM seeks manufacturing resources not available within the company, or perhaps beyond current… Read More

Inclusive Economic Growth via Manufacturing?

  A McKinsey & Company article of Jan 12, 2022 is labeled as part of the Davos Agenda.  This alone gives us pause.  Do you trust the Davos crowd for sound advice?  Please let us know your view on this subject. In any case, among other things, this McKinsey author bemoans the decline of US manufacturing, as it’s driven inequality and hurt its global competitiveness.  Further, revitalizing manufacturing could add lots of well-paying jobs with… Read More

Supply Chain Under Strain

Proficient Sourcing LLC provides OEM’s access to a network of outstanding manufacturing suppliers.  As almost all are midwestern, we offer an alternative to companies being subjected to supply chain difficulties with overseas suppliers. The January/February edition of Expansion Solutions magazine has an excellent summary article “A Supply Chain Under Strain”.  The article points out several key supply chain points. Everyone involved with foreign suppliers is aware of the potential for sea, air, rail, and road… Read More

China: Big Problems Lurk!

China has very big demographic problems. Is this situation meaningful for us folks interested in US manufacturing at present or soon? We shall see. All of a sudden, a large number of news sources are reporting a potential demographic crisis beginning in China. We wonder what this means for OEMs with Chinese manufacturing. The government has a very major issue dealing with these things and still maintaining a manufacturing powerhouse. Apparently, for the first time… Read More

Manufacturing Outlook for 2023

  Making sense of economic forecasts is risky business, but we looked at many claims of such expertise concerning manufacturing.  This is a summary of one such source from Hitachi Solutions.  Their report contained several factors widely reported in other places. As we all know the trifecta of problems, labor issues, supply chain and inflation remain as a combined big deal.  How these will shake out over 2023 remains to be seen.  The Hitachi report… Read More