Precision Machining and Metalworking

  Proficient Sourcing specializes in recommending outstanding companies for your outsourced manufacturing needs.  Our primary network consists of about a dozen machining shops, each with a specific sweet spot. One of our favorites is a large shop, 80,000 sq ft, that specializes in tight tolerance milling and turning up to 44,000 pounds.  They are large enough to handle production work as well as the custom items we are often asked to source. This company has… Read More

Do You Need Something Really BIG?

Our network of suppliers contains several companies that specialize in the very large, the heavy, the thick (as in plate) and not only metal, but also plastics and fiberglass. If you are an equipment or machinery builder, you might need equipment bases from plate or large parts machined. Perhaps you need steel plate work such as equipment foundations, mixing tanks or underground containers.   Our plate fabricators can roll ¾” plate to lengths up to 13’… Read More

Reshoring Your Steel Castings!

With all the obvious supply chain issues at present, and container costs rising by the day, perhaps you should consider reshoring steel castings. We feature a domestic foundry source that’s a specialist supplier of heavy-sectioned, finished steel castings.   This includes mild and alloyed castings ranging from 1000 to 70,000 pounds.  If your interest is tool and/or stainless-steel castings from 500-30,000 pounds, this is the domestic source for your consideration. In addition, this source also features… Read More

Proficient Sourcing Provides Supplier Recommendations

Why call Proficient Sourcing?  Because you need a new supplier for some metal or plastic part or assembly.  You would like a fast answer, and don’t want to deal with new costs. We specialize in providing supplier recommendations.  Usually within a day or two, and sometimes we can offer multiple candidates with excellent credentials. The good news is you pay nothing until you deal directly with the supplier, as we will make that connection as… Read More

3D Engineered Prototyping and Design

  We are featuring a company that specializes in very accurate 3D printing, done FAST and with engineering assistance as desired!  Perhaps your need is help with product design where evolutions can be produced and investigated quickly.  In most new product and innovative work prototypes are essential for approvals.  Getting these accurately made and done quickly sounds very appropriate.  And then would a few 3D printed market-ready products help your overall plans? We seek companies,… Read More

One Stop Shop: Prototype to Production of Smaller Parts

We have a shop that has a fabulous array of capabilities for small parts and assembly shells that accommodate smaller pieces. We know of no shop with a more extensive list of capabilities—if you need a highly precise metal item (or plastic injection molded) of almost any sort that’s under a 24” cube, it’s very likely our shop can handle the job with great skill, including relatively hard to find metallic 3D printing, forging, coatings,… Read More

High Volume Powder Coating done FAST

You require powder coated painting, and your metal parts are unusually large, and you may have a significant quantity of parts to be painted.  Not only that, but you need fast turnaround and, of course, want competitive pricing. We may have just the answer you need! We feature a company with an unusual capability—not only high volume production powder coating, but a special automated paint line with high headroom.  This means your larger parts can… Read More

Machining Capability-Much More than the Typical

High precision milling and turning!  ISO quality, large parts and ability to handle high volumes, or complicated one-off’s.  All available in a single source! Do your machining needs require more than the typical shop offers?  We have seen many requirements between the standard machining size work and the gigantic.  Thousand pound parts, for example, exceed the capabilities of many “normal” machine shops.  So if you have such a need, we have a shop with much… Read More

The Supplier You Need We Can Probably Find–FAST

Proficient Sourcing has a varied and extensive network of experienced and capable job shop suppliers.  You can find a list of our capabilities here. Our claim to fame, in addition to having candidates at the ready is that we can find suppliers FAST.  Here are just a few examples of possible supplier candidates that were NOT in our network at the time. A Texas OEM needed a neighboring supplier for custom aluminum extrusions.  In a… Read More

Custom Pressure Vessels

We visited our primary source for custom pressure vessels, and were re-impressed. We learned many chemical companies employ engineering consulting firms to source custom pressure vessels, reactors and distillation towers. If your company needs chemical processing equipment, perhaps we can save you lots of time and money. Our primary custom pressure vessel manufacturer has been serving customers in need of vessels for chemical processes mostly in the midwest for over 60 years. Reach Out to… Read More