Success Stories

Proficient Sourcing LLC has worked with engineers and procurement professionals for over a decade.  We have had success with numerous machinery component and equipment sourcing issues, including these:

A European machine tool company wished to move into the US, and assemble equipment here.  To do that a gantry milling source was needed to produce large machine bases, and we were able to provide 3 good candidates.  From that list one was selected and continues to produce bases today.

An equipment OEM wished to reshore several different large steel castings.  2 candidates were supplied, one was successful and is currently casting several large (up to 10,000 pounds) castings.  Total cost has been comparable to the previous Asian source, without the shipping delays and other issues with foreign suppliers.

A major US retailer needed rapid prototypes for a wire basket project.  Our candidate was able to satisfy that need quickly.  From those choices the company selected the best one and issued a PO for the required number.  Mission accomplished!

A local merchandiser needed a variety of sheet metal parts laser cut FAST.  We have such a supplier, who has enjoyed significant business from this merchandiser.

We were contacted by a NY company interested in finding a very flexible company capable of producing modular tubing and sheet metal parts for a playground.  That work is currently in production!

A DOD supplier needed an Swiss turned tiny exotic alloy fitting produced ASAP.  We were able to answer this call, and the supplier has enjoyed repeat orders over the past few years.

A large utility company needed numerous machined, forged, fabricated, and wire formed prototype tools for a major planned expansion.  We were able to supply several different companies who have been successful in addressing this need rapidly and repeatedly.