Capability: Molded plastics and polymers

Some time ago we were contacted to help with a OEM’s problem finding a supplier of a precision molded plastic part. Fortunately, this turned out well for all sides, and if you need a molded plastic or polymer supplier, we have several excellent candidates. Among the available molding technologies are: -Closed mold compression molding, in which plastic or rubber material is introduced into a heated metal mold. The material is forced into mold cavities by… Read More

Capability: Fabricate, paint, silkscreen—single source!

A great many companies use sheet metal enclosures for electronics, and perhaps others. The process may involve several suppliers. One for the fabrication of the enclosure, another for powder coating, and a third for silkscreening labels or instructions. There are many excellent suppliers in most areas for all these things, and we have several companies that can any of these needed service However, there are relatively few companies that present a one-stop shop. Fortunately, we… Read More

Encouraging news for US manufacturing—from China!

We hear frequent reports of a resurgent US manufacturing and increasing reshoring of work previously sent overseas. China has been the most common recipient of outsourcing, but that appears to be changing. Recently we found a fascinating article that details how China actions may result in an ominous future for them—and good news for US manufacturing! Bringing work back to the US is an exciting prospect for many, including us. Proficient Sourcing helps buyers find… Read More

Capability: Micro Machining

When you need a company to machine very small precision parts, we have multiple sources with excellent capabilities. These suppliers are happy to support both prototype and high volume requirements. The featured capability is swiss turning, 0.004” to 0.875” diameter with dimensional tolerances to +/- 0.0001”. In addition, honing, OD and surface grinding, machining (CNC milling of ¼” square) and turning centers are available. These companies are active in almost all markets: aerospace, defense, nuclear,… Read More

The Suggestion Box

During a recent factory visit we observed a suggestion box covered with dust and apparently fallen out of use. This cannot present a good image to employees, and also reminded us of the many things companies do to encourage employee involvement in generating improvements, both good and bad. THE GOOD: One company had regularly scheduled meetings of production employees to solicit ideas that would improve operations. The manager would dutifully write down all the ideas… Read More

Are You Responsible for Your Competitive DISadvantage?

Is your supplier selection process a source of competitive DISadvantage? A white paper from Spend Matters considers the pre-qualification process as a key element for procurement. This is one of several articles, discussions and even websites that deal with the difficulties with the buyer-supplier relationship. We believe the pre-qualification process can be an opportunity for addressing, maybe even solving, some of the issues we have addressed in prior newsletters. The more your requirements include unusual features the… Read More

The US Manufacturing Renaissance; Let’s Work Together!

There is growing evidence of a resurgence in American manufacturing. Besides the recent energy discoveries, there are several good reasons why this makes a lot of sense. The US has distinct advantage in this global competition, and this competitive advantage appears to be growing. We found an excellent summary article on this subject from Procurian: The Manufacturing Renaissance: Opportunities and Challenges Facing US Manufacturing Today . It stands to reason that OEM’s in the US will be… Read More

Heavy Plate Fabrications

Some time ago we were involved in projects requiring plate forming and rolling. Our network now includes 3 companies with excellent capabilities for heavy fabrications, large parts and assemblies. Hydraulic and mechanical presses allow fabrication of parts up to 30’ long and 4” thick without splice welding or assembly. Plate to ¾” thick can be rolled up to 13 ‘ in length. This can be with multi-radius bends or flats between bends. Shapes are made… Read More

Finding the Very Best Supplier—Another Factor to Consider

Proficient Sourcing helps buyers find good suppliers for custom manufacturing, so we look for thought provoking purchasing articles. Recently, one article dealt with the value to buyers of long term relationships. Another article asked whether big savings meant prior buyers were not performing well. Both articles focus on relationships created at a specific time of a buyer’s need. By omitting a simple step the best potential supplier may be overlooked. Job shops’ available capacity rises… Read More

Capability: Turning work

If you need a versatile company to do turning work, consider this. One specific company has these certifications: AS, ISO, ITAR, Service Disabled Vet owned, HubZone, EDGE (OH), and ITAR. The company specializes in turning work. From swiss turning, multi-spindle, 5 and 6 axis CNC turning centers, CNC lathes, and 3 rotary transfer machines. This permits projects from prototypes to high volume production, and the company also features engineering assistance, design support, subassembly and inventory… Read More