High Precision Machining—and more!

More than a dozen companies in the network we most commonly use do machining work. Often we can find multiple candidates for your machining needs, since these shops cover a size range from micro machining to extremely large (milling up to 88’) parts, and are interested in quantities from prototypes, repairs and one-offs to full production. One of these shops specializes in manufacturing precision, close-tolerance, and highly critical components and assemblies in between the very… Read More

Help for Government Buyers and Prime Contractors

In a DLA workshop we learned that within a relatively small radius around Columbus, OH, the government (DOD, mainly) buys several billion dollars annually from only a small number of companies. Clearly there are very many small manufacturing companies who are not suppliers to the government, and many do not even compete. This is an area in need of improvement in our view, and we believe we can help. If you are a prime contractor… Read More

Free Trade-a Good Deal for US Manufacturing?

We claim no expertise in international trade, but found an interesting view on the subject in the July Modern Metals. The author made several points about recent trade deals, and concludes, “the administration’s claims about the pure benefits of TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) should be viewed with a great deal of skepticism. Here are some extracts from this article, and there is a link to the complete text at the end. It is worth noting the… Read More

Supply Issues for all 62 Metal Elements

There are 62 metals in the periodic table of elements ( Recently, a research group reported on the supply situation for all these metals. Takeaways from this report include these: -“Many of the metals traditionally used in manufacturing …are pretty abundant and are generally widespread geographically.” -“…Some metals that have become deployed for technology only in the last 10 or 20 years are available almost entirely as byproducts. You can’t mine specifically for them; they… Read More

Near Term US manufacturing: 2 views

“Economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in January for the 20th consecutive month, and the overall economy grew for the 68th consecutive month, say the nation’s supply executives in the latest Manufacturing ISM Report On Business”. The Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) manufacturing index for January, 2015, was 53.5. The ISM’s manufacturing index is based on these 5 main indicators’ data from their monthly surveys: Production levels New orders placed Inventory levels Supplier deliveries… Read More

Strategic Procurement: A Transformation is Occurring

A revolution [began] about 10 years ago as procurement came into focus as a game-changer for companies with the potential to add direct value to the bottom line.   “…when done well, procurement can transform the way an organization operates”. And so we begin 2015 with some thoughts from Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s November, 2014 issue.  The lead article is “Striving for Procurement Excellence”, and you can find a link to the entire article below…. Read More

Manufacturing is Back! Are You Prepared for Necessary Changes?

“Manufacturing is back. Governments, media, and manufacturers themselves are changing their minds about the industry, with a renewed awareness of the role it can play in achieving a strong economy. With a better business outlook expected in 2014, the manufacturing industry is undergoing a renaissance. To harness the momentum created by the manufacturing renaissance, manufacturers will need to transform today’s challenges into opportunities”. The above is the lead paragraph of a February, 2014, white paper… Read More

Are You Ready for Prosperity?

The next couple of years are forecast to be economically positive, according to the Institute for Trend Research’s Alan Beaulieu ( His recent presentation featured detailed predictive data for many different markets. The overall forecast was for continued moderate business growth.   So—is your business ready for more growth, and also the possible growth for your customers? Does this mean stresses on your supply chain? Proficient Sourcing is ready to assist.   A summary slide… Read More

Helping Manufacturing-Really?

The 10/14 issue of Medical Product Outsourcing noted a new collaboration between academia, local industry, and other stakeholders. This is coming about via the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act (RAMI), passed in the House in September. With an election next week, there’s no telling what will happen in the Senate. But this is an interesting development. According to the “Editor’s Letter”, “RAMI would establish a network of regional institutes across the country, each focused… Read More

Economic forecast for Manufacturers

The Cincinnati CPA firm Barnes Dennig has a special emphasis on manufacturing. Occasionally they sponsor presentations, roundtables, and speakers that deal with many manufacturing related subjects. This one below, which we have found particularly good, is free. On November 5, 2014, Barnes Dennig and a few other local companies will sponsor a wonderful presentation that features nationally known speaker Alan Beaulieu, who gives a terrific presentation with a very valuable message. Mr. Beaulieu’s company is… Read More