The Good and the Hopeful: Procurement Realities

Proficient Sourcing exists to help procurement professionals (without obligation, by the way). We try to learn exactly what the buyer’s needs are. Then we search our resources to find one or more supplier that should provide an excellent fit. What happens after that is entirely up to the buyer, but we are pretty confident we’ll provide an attractive solution. Check us out: An example of good results has recently happened with a number of… Read More

Single Sourcing vs Multiple Sources for Custom Manufacturing

Both sides of this issue have emerged in our efforts to help buyers with suitable candidates for manufactured items. We’ve worked both sides—insistence on a sole source as well as finding competitors for a multiple source situation. So we have thoughts on the subject and hope you will offer additional ones in the comments below. First, a single source success story: we were asked to find a sole source for an automotive project. The project… Read More