Complicated Procurement Projects? Bring them On!

In your procurement world there may be occasions where you need more than some candidates to answer a RFQ. Smaller companies might need design or scientific material advice. Large projects may require interplay between prospective suppliers. Rather then hire some consulting firm to handle such situations, please consider Proficient Sourcing. Two recent examples illustrate the Proficient Sourcing advantage available to any interested buyer, engineer or other person seeking a more complex sourcing answer. The first… Read More

Strategic Procurement: A Transformation is Occurring

A revolution [began] about 10 years ago as procurement came into focus as a game-changer for companies with the potential to add direct value to the bottom line.   “…when done well, procurement can transform the way an organization operates”. And so we begin 2015 with some thoughts from Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s November, 2014 issue.  The lead article is “Striving for Procurement Excellence”, and you can find a link to the entire article below…. Read More

Want Suppliers Help with Innovation? Just ask!

According to numerous websites and Linkedin groups, developing more sophisticated and innovative supplier relationships is on many OEM buyers’ agendas. We have a white paper on this very subject, available at here Developing such supplier relationships is probably most common with the most important and large suppliers. However, this may be opportunity lost. Many small manufacturing companies are managed by people who are latent inventors, driven internally to diagnose how things work and then how… Read More

Low Cost Innovation—the hidden benefit!

Your suppliers may be a low cost path to ongoing and effective innovation. Here’s a quote from a thought provoking article from the Procurement Leaders 8/26/14 blog: “Properly managed and incentivized by procurement, suppliers can be a great source of innovation. In fact, in some companies, supplier-initiated innovation happens regularly through such things as suggested design alternatives, alternative manufacturing approaches, even ideas on streamlining internal processes.” If you are fortunate enough to have such a supplier… Read More

Real Buyer-Seller Situation

Today we present a real buyer-seller situation in process.  Our opinion is we are missing something, and encourage you to offer opinions, suggestions, and advice on our blog. Proficient Sourcing helps companies find suitable supplier candidates for custom manufacturing.  We have had a superficial relationship with an OEM making very precise products that use a variety of close tolerance metal parts.  We are interested in competing for this machining business, and have quoted a few… Read More

Beware of Killing a Golden Supplier Goose!

Do you, the customer, take steps to ensure your suppliers’ margins are satisfactory?  The subject of supplier margins was a recent article from Directworks,  a company that provides sourcing and supplier management solutions purpose-built for manufacturers.  The main point was that just like the customer, the supplier company must be profitable.  Accomplishing that should be in the interest of BOTH sides if there is any interest in a long term healthy relationship.  Our opinion on… Read More

Supplier selection criteria—are we on the same page?

Proficient Sourcing provides custom manufacturing candidates for buyers’ needs.  To do that effectively we must identify companies that fit your requirements.  During a long period of productivity consulting we developed a set of criteria for identifying good companies to recommend, and it would be extremely helpful if you would tell us if these criteria are the “right stuff”! The better the match between our respective criteria, the more likely we can provide a win-win candidate… Read More

What Makes a Good Supplier?

A good supplier fulfills your requirements in an excellent manner, and does so time after time.  What is specifically required for “good” depends upon your particular circumstances.  One of these is whether you need a supplier for the long term or for a one-off situation. In either of these situations there are several important supplier qualities that matter greatly. Proficient Sourcing [link] exists to help you, the buyer, find excellent sources for your custom manufacturing… Read More

Building a Collaborative Supply Chain

A company can often generate substantial improvements via collaboration with their suppliers.  In most cases there are mutual benefits and interests served by the collaboration of all parties.  It would seem active efforts to stimulate collaboration should be common and ongoing, but they are surprisingly rare in our experience. A large OEM with a long list of suppliers surely analyzes this list and prioritizes suppliers via some method—perhaps even the Kraljic Model discussed in our… Read More

Tool for maximized supply security and reduced costs: Useful?

Procurement/purchasing professionals no doubt deal with a variety of suppliers and purchasing strategies.  30 years ago a new approach was introduced by Peter Kraljic.  His model, the Kraljic Portfolio Purchasing Model, seeks to gain better control over the entire range of purchased items, to some extent regardless of the annual spend associated with each. If you have experience with the Kraljic Portfolio Purchasing Model, we would be particularly interested to learn of your experiences and… Read More